Alligator Instigator

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Alligator Instigator – Audio


Alligator Instigator – Lyrics

Alligator Instigator, Trouble’s on the way

He swims along the bayou in a sneaky kind of way


Don’t go near, an Alligator Perpetrator

Once is all it takes & then you’re dinner on a plate!


Alligator Instigator watch out for his tail

He whips it when attacked & then you’re on you’re back

Oops!….You’re dinner in the belly of an…


Alligator Instigator, Trouble Mr. Percolator

Mountains on his tail, Jaws like Jail!


Alligator Instigator can you spot a Hungry Gator

Alligator Instigator don’t go near the Percolator

Lest you’ll get a Whack! & then you’re on you’re back!


Jaws Like Jail, Teeth Like Nails!

Stuck inside the Belly of an…


Alligator Instigator don’t go near a Hungry Gator

Alligator He’s a Traitor he’s a Mr. Percolator

Once you get a Whack! You’re never coming Back!

Forever in the Belly of an Alligator Instigator!